Current Broodmares

Tulara Caskato. Cascadello/Stakkato.

Sire Cascadello. Dam Stonika Born 17/11/14.

Tulara Caskato. Filly. Outstanding type and movement. First foal a filly by Calmando. In foal for this year to Karajan.

Tulara Casci. Cascadello/Cassini/Chicos Boy

Sire Cascadello Dam Cachio. Born 15/11/14.

Tulara Casci  Filly. Beautiful type and movement. Foal died 2017. In foal to Karajan for 2018.

Tulara Forblensky. For Fashion/Cornet Obolensky

Sire For Fashion. Dam Cornetti. Born 23/11/14.

Tulara Forblensky. Born 23/11/14. First foal a beautiful filly by Colman retained by us. Not in foal for 2018.

Tulara Compini. Companiero/Cassini II, Not in foal..

Sire Companiero. Dam Cassedero. Born 24/10/14.

No foal in 2017. In foal to Zinedream for 2018.

Tulara Cascola. Cascadello/Colman/Carpaccio

Sire Cascadello 1. Dam Copaccia. Born 18/10/14.

Outstanding type. First foal by Cornet Obolensky. Not in foal for 2018.

Tulara Cachio – Cassini II / Chicos Boy Filly

Born 24th October 2011. Very elegant grey filly with outstanding movement. Second in Australia in ACE assessments. A beautiful filly by Cascadello in 2014. 2015 an outstanding foal by Zirocco Blue. Not in foal for 2016. 2017 in foal to Cascadello I again.

Tulara Copaccia – Colman / Carpaccio Filly

Born 10 Jan 2011. Outstanding jumping filly with wonderful movement, quick reflexes. Full sister of Colarpacc. Her first foal, a filly by Cascadello is one of the best jumping fillies we have bred. A nice filly by Zirocco Blue in 2015. A beautiful Congress filly 2016. 2017 back in foal to Cascadello I.

Tulara Companion – Companiero/Cornet Obolensky Filly

Born 17 November 2013. In foal for 2016 to Congress, an outstanding son of Cornet Obolensky with a ranking of 150. This foal will have a double cross of the super sire Cornet Obolensky.

Tulara Flora

Came first in the ACE classification tour as a filly. Outstanding type and movement. Born 14 December, 2006. Chestnut. 17.2HH. Florestan is recognized as one of the most outstanding sires of Dressage horses, starting the F line. Little known is that he also won the jumping portion of his Stallion test and has many of his progeny at the top level in jumping.

She had one outstanding foal by Ampere. 2013 colt by For Fashion. 2015 a beautiful colt by Arezzo. A home grown affair in 2016 in foal to Tulara Balouch. 2017 in foal to Tulara Casciado.

Tulara Stonika – Stakkato

Born 11 January 2005. Brown 16hh.This filly is by Stakkato the highest ranked jumping stallion at the State Stud of Celle. Stonikas first filly foal by Chicos Boy was retained by us. She is an exceptional jumper. Her second colt foal by Cornet Obolensky is for sale and should be a jumping machine. Her next foal by Diarado is a filly retained by us. 2010 a beautiful filly by Cassini 11. 2011 magnificent Colman filly. 2012 a lovely colt by Cayetano. A beautiful filly by Cascadello in 2014. 2015 a magnificent colt by Carerra VDL. Not in foal 2016. 2017 in foal to Tulara Casciado.

Tulara Codie – Colman / Contango II

Grey filly, born 14 November 2011. Bred for jumping. Outstanding temperament and canter. In 2014 she produced a lovely filly by For Fashion. A wonderful colt foal by Stolzenberg in 2015. 2016 a filly by Bellini Royal. In foal 2017 to Balous Bellini.

Tulara For Carpaccio – For Fashion / Carpaccio Filly

Born 30 December 2012. Elite foal. First in Australia in ACE Assessments. Outstanding type. Wonderful movement. Light on her feet. This is the type of filly we are trying to breed.
Lost her Arezzo foal in 2016 and in foal to Tulara Compensky for 2017.

Tulara Corinne – Cornet Obolensky

Bay brown mare, born 9 November 2011.

Her first foal by Balou du Rouet is a filly kept by us. 2013 a colt by supersire Companiero. 2014 no foal. 2015 a magnificent Colman filly. Not in foal for 2016. 2017 in foal to Tulara Casciado.

Tulara Cornetti – Cornet Obolensky / Cooperit

Grey (born brown) mare, born 23 November 2009. Full sister of Tulara Windstorm. Outstanding stallion competing with Jamie Winning.

First foal a filly by Stolzenberg. Very good jumper. Second foal a colt by Companiero. Tall and correct colt with a good canter. 2014 a magnificent filly by For Fashion. 2015 a beautiful filly by Dakar VDL. Not in foal for 2016. 2017 in foal to Colman.

Tulara Diarango – Diarado / Contango II

Bay mare born 22 October 2009. An elite foal herself she is a tall mare with a great temperament and lovely movement. Her first foal, a colt by For Fashion went to Tasmania and unfortunately died. Her colt this year by For Fashion again is going up to Queensland. Excellent movement and outstanding jumping ability. 2014 a stunning colt by Cascadello. 2015 no foal. 2016 a magnificent colt by Balous Bellini. 2017 in foal to Calmando.

Tulara Cornetto – Cornet Obolensky

Stunning Grey Mare. Born 17 November 2008. This mare is outstanding.

Her first foal a colt by Balou du Rouet was sold and her foal to Companiero this year is a beautiful filly and will be kept for the future. A beautiful filly by Colman in 2014. 2015 a majestic colt by Zirocco Blue. Not in foal for 2016. 2017 in foal to Calmando.

Tulara Carpaccia – Carpaccio

Born 18 November 2007. Bay Filly. Superb filly with excellent movement and conformation. This mare may be our best breeder. A beautiful mare by Carpaccio, one of Caretinos best sons. 2010 filly by Colman (see Colarpacc was the best filly of the ACE assessment, topping their warmblood assessments across Australia. Her second filly by Colman is taller and moves well. See Copaccia. Her third filly by For Fashion made it 3 elite foals in a row. This year she has an outstanding colt by Companiero, elite again. 2014 a colt by For Fashion. 2015 a beautiful filly by Arezzo VDL. 2016 having a rest! 2017 in foal to Tulara Compensky.

Tulara Cassedero – Cassini II

Dun Filly. Born 16 December 2007. A slightly smaller mare with jumping genes on both sides of her family. First foal by 2010 to Coronas, by Cornet Obolensky, Westphalian outright licensing champion, sold to Tassie. 2011 outstanding fllly by Diarado. 2012 For Fashion Filly. 2014 a beautiful filly by Companiero. 2015 a nice filly by For Fashion. 2016 a magnificent Arezzo Filly. 2017 in foal to Tulara Compaccio.

Tulara Chicos Girl – Chico’s Boy

Born 30 October 2007. Brown Filly.
Stunning Filly with exceptional movement. Dressage or jumping prospect. Excellent free jumping. Elite filly by Colman 2010. 2011 even better filly by Cassini 11. Her third foal by Furstenball was most outstanding filly of the ACE assessments. Beautiful 2013 foal by For Fashion sold to Billy Raymont in Queensland. 2014 a beautiful colt by Companiero. 2015 a beautiful colt by Dakar. 2016 in foal to Carerra VDL. 2017 not in foal.

Tulara Quinine – Quinar / Carbine Mare

Born 14/10/2007. Stunning bay filly.
Bred for jumping. Will be retained by the stud. Half sister of Balouch. Finer boned with an outstanding canter and a pretty head. 2010 great jumping colt by Colman and 2011 another colt by Stolzenberg. 2012 stunning elite filly by For Fashion. Beautiful elite 2013 foal by For Fashion. 2014 a beautiful filly by Companiero. 2015 a beautiful Dakar Colt. 2016 not in foal. 2017 in foal to Colman the same breeding as Tulara Colmine.

Tulara Col Fab – Colman

Buckskin grey filly, born 25 August 2010. Well conformed filly bred to jump. 2014 colt by Companiero. 2015 Filly by Zirocco Blue. 2016 lost foal. 2017 in foal to Tulara Casciado.

Tulara Corangie – Cornet Obolensky / Contango II

This mare is a full sister of Corango owned by Jamie Winning. Her first foal by Companiero has a very good canter. 2014 a beautiful filly by Colman. Not in foal 2015. Not in foal 2016. 2017 in foal to Tulara Compensky.

Tulara ColarPacc – Colman / Carpaccio Mare

Born 5/10/2010. Outstanding Movement and jumping ability make this a very special mare. Came first in ACE assessment out of all fillies. Full sister to Colarpacc 2, a year younger. Her first foal by Diarado, Tulara Devine, is a beauty. 2015 an outstanding filly by Companiero. 2016 a magnificent colt by Congress. 2017 in foal to Calmando.

Tulara Cassie – Cassini II / Cooperit Filly

Bay filly, born 28 November 2010. Tall filly, good movement. A beautiful filly by Cayetano in 2014.2015 a beautiful colt by For Fashion. 2016 For Fashion Filly. 2017 in foal to Colman.



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