Sold 2017 and 2018

Tulara Cascona

Colt born 15/11/2017. Brand  20 over 7

Tulara Commended

Colt born 17/11/17. Brand  21 over 7

Tulara Balcola

Colt born 24/11/2017. Brand  24 over 7

Tulara Casango

Colt born 21/11/2017. Brand  23 over 7

Tulara Comvino – For Sale $4400

Colt born 2/11/17

Tulara Cornasca

Born 1/10/2017. Filly.

Tulara Casman – For Sale $6600- Tulara Casciado/Colman

Born 1/11/2017. Colt. Price $6600

Tulara Callapac – Calmando/Colman/Carpaccio

Born 10/10/2017. Filly For Sale $15000

Tulara Bailian-Colt. $16000. Balous Bellini/Companiero/Cornet Obolensky

Born 17/09/2017.

Tulara Compaia – For Sale $4400

Colt. Born 23/09/2017.

Tulara Colmine II

Colt. Born 9/08/2017.

Tulara Comanche. Compensky/For Fashion/Carpaccio. $6600

Colt. Born 1/09/2017.

Tulara Carrico Colt $12000. Sold

Colt. Born 7/12/16. Beautiful movement and light on his feet. He is a truly modern type. Mother is Tulara Chico, mother of Tulara Colchic with Jamie Winning. Full sister of Tulara Chico winner of 5 and 7 year old class at jumping with the stars. Elegant modern type, excellent movement and quick.

Tulara Dakini. Dakar/Cassini II. Filly Prize for ASJC Senior Rider

Filly. Born 17/12/16. Well bred young filly with beautiful shoulder and lovely head.Beautiful type and elegant. Should make a superb jumper. Not a big horse.

Tulara Ballora – SOLD

Colt. Born 8/11/16. For Sale $3900. Tall jumpy colt with much scope.

Tulara Baltango 2 – SOLD

Colt. Born 17/11/16. For Sale $3900. Outstanding long legged colt with much scope.

Tulara Congol – Congress/Colman/Carpaccio SOLD

The mother is not so big by she is a supreme jumper with outstanding movement. This colt is well muscled and is extremely athletic with an uphill canter. His father, Congress by Cornet Obolensky is the sire of many freejumping competitions winners.

Tulara Conensky For Sale $12000 Double cross of Cornet Obolensky. Sold

Long legged and with the genes to jump.

Tulara Bellensky. Bellini Royal/Cornet Obolensky. Colt $12000

Born 5/10/16. Colt. his mother by Cornet Obolensky and his fathers mother by Cornet Obolensky this guy has interesting breeding. By Bellini Royal, champion of the Westphalian licensing and out of the Cornet mare he should be a jumper. He will be tall and has very correct conformation.

Tulara Belliero. Bellini Royal/Companiero/Cassini II. Colt. $12000

Born 17/9/16. Colt. outstanding type with beautiful movement and canter. Very athletic and stylish. Temperament is outstanding.

Tulara Dakensky. Dakar/Cornet Obolensky $16000

Born 14/12/2015. Filly. The mother is the full sister of Tulara Windstorm, stallion jumping with Jamie Winning. She is the mother of Tulara Stolensky and Tulara Comet, young horses about to make an impact.

Tulara Balaia. Tulara Balouch/Genghis Khan SOLD

This filly born 3/12/2015. Great movement and temperament. Tall and leggy. She is out of one of our foundation mares who has produced many of our best broodmares. She is elegant with long legs and a great temperament. By Tulara Balouch, Champion of Champions at jumping with the stars she can also jump. Will suit showjumping or eventing with her great movement and ground covering ability.

Tulara Zircach. Zirocco Blue/Cassini 11/Chicos Filly $16000 SOLD

Born 30th November 2015. Filly. Outstanding filly. Beautiful type. Slightly smaller than the others. Amazing jump and canter. The grandmother is the mother of Tulara Colchic winning classes with Jamie Winning. She is also the full sister of Tulara Chico, winner of the 5 year old and 7 year old classes at jumping with the […]

Tulara Flare. Filly. For Fashion/Cassini 11. For Sale $12000

Born 27th November 2015. Filly. Outstanding type by For Fashion. Ranked 145 on the FN breeding rankings and well in the top 1% of showjumping sires. Sister of Tulara Cinzano ridden by Mykaela Briggs. Out of a Cassini II mare, one of holsteins finest sires.

Tulara Dakchico. Dakar/Chicos Boy Colt. $18000

Brother of Colchic by Colman jumping well.

Tulara Baltango. Tulara Balouch/Contango 11. $4900 SOLD

Born 7th November 2015. Colt. Beautiful type. Excellent canter and jump. By Tulara Balouch Champion of Champions Jumping with the stars. 

Tulara Congrini. Congress/Cassini 11 Filly $12000 SOLD

Born 26th November 2015. Filly. Amazing filly with a magnificent jump. The father, Congress by Cornet Obolensky has progeny that have won several free jumping competitions in Europe. He is the brother of 3 other licensed stallions, Conterno Grand who won Grand Prix with Marco Kutcher and Philipp Weishaupt. Couleur Rubin with Ludger Beerbaum won […]

Tulara Arezza $12000 SOLD

Born 20th October 2015. Colt. Arezzo VDL/Florestan. Outstanding colt with amazing canter and movement.  

Tulara Collette. Colman/Cornet Obolensky

Chestnut Filly. Born 18 September 2015. Colman/Cornet Oblensky.

Tulara Companion 2. Filly Companiero/Cornet Obolensky $14000. SOLD

Companiero/Cornet Obolensky Filly. Born 1/10/2015. Full sister of Tulara Companion. Exciting jumping prospect.

Tulara Combine. Filly. Sold

Sire Companiero. Dam Quinine. Born 4/11/14. Filly.

Companiero Filly Foal.  Sister of Colmine. Beautiful conformation, type and movement. Quick reflexes. In foal for 2017 to Tulara Casciado.

Tulara Colblensky. Colman/Cornet Obolensky.

Sire Colman. Dam Cornetto. Born 11/12/14

Beautiful type. Beautiful foal in 2017 by Tulara Casciado. Then sold.

Tulara Forrie. For Fashion/Colman.

Born 12/10/2014. Sire For Fashion. Dam Codie.

An elegant foal from a first time mother. Very athletic. First foal a filly by Tulara Casciado. Sold

Tulara Compere – Companiero / Cassini II Filly SOLD

Born 7 November 2013, this filly has an outstanding trot and canter. In foal for 2016 to the Westphalian licensing champion Bellini Royal. Balous Bellini/Cornet Obolensky. Should be a great foal.

Tulara Compania – Companiero / Cornet Obolensky Filly

Born 22nd October, she is a large free moving type of filly with an effortless bounding canter. Just what we were looking for using the superstar Companiero. Her temperament is amazing. Not in foal for 2016.

Tulara Compensky – Companiero / Cornet Obolensky Colt

Born November 3, 2013.  He is a larger liver chestnut colt with a bit more bone than the others. Wonderful temperament. Much skope. 

Tulara Shufretta II For Sale. $7900 In foal to Casciado (Cascadello 1/Diarado) SOLD

Don Shufro mare with outstanding movement. Offered for sale in foal to Tulara Casciado (Cascadello/Diarado)

Tulara Balco – Balou du Rouet / Cornet Obolensky $19000- Sold

Bay filly, born 28 September 2012. Outstanding jumping bloodlines. A beautiful filly by Arezzo in 2015. Not in foal for 2016.

Tulara Cassinas – Cassini II $9900 Sold

This is a beautiful type of mare out of our foundation mare Gaia. Her first foal by Companiero, Tulara Compere, has outstanding movement. A magnificent colt by Cascadello in 2014. 2015 a filly by Congress (by Cornet Obolensky).

Tulara For Cassedero – For Fashion / Cassini 11 Filly For Sale $12000 Sold

Bay filly, born 9 November 2012. Very elegant filly with great jumping potential
A beautiful filly by Carerra in 2015. Filly by Bellini Royal, champion of the Westphalian licensing in 2016. Now offered for sale as a competition horse.



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