Sold prior to 2012

Fidertanz Gelding

Born 28 September 2008. Stunning Liver Chestnut Gelding. Elegant and refined with excellent movment.

Chicos Boy Gelding

Outstanding Bay Gelding. Born 7 November 2008. Bred with Jumping and Dressage in mind.

Tulara Cornets Windstorm. Stallion prospect.

Bay Colt. Born 13 December, 2008. This colt was adjudged a stallion prospect by Gerd Kuest the german ACE assesor.

Tulara Quintango

Bay Gelding. Born 4 January 2008. Wonderful movement and a huge jump make this long legged and elegant gelding very special.

Swarovski Colt

Chestnut Colt. Born 2 December 2009.

Rubin Royal Colt

Outstanding Black/brown Colt. Born 10 September 2009. Make a superb dressage mount. This colt scored 8 for walk and canter and 7.5 for trot. He is a lovely type and will suit the dressage enthusiast.

Cristallo Colt

Grey Colt. Born 19 September 2009.

Don Shufro Filly

Stunning Dressage Filly. Born 4 Sept 2009. Excellent filly for the dressage enthusiast.

Cassini 11 Colt

Black/Brown Colt. Born 3 November 2009. Great bone and type make this foal a superb jumping prospect. Gaia has had several premium foals and is one of our best producers. He scored 8 for walk and canter and is a big strong jumping type. He will do really well showjumping.

Tulara Cornets Smoke

Grey Gelding. Born 12 November 2008. This tall elegant colt has a wonderful topline.

Cornet Obolensky Gelding

Cornet Obolensky gelding. Born 7 December 2008. Grey. This guy is bred to jump. His mother is by Stakkato, Hannovarian stallion of the year and one of the highest ranking breeding stallions for jumping in Germany.

Colman Colt

Chestnut Colt. Born 21 September 2009. Lovely type. Bred to jump. This is a great mother line. A Sandro Hit foal won the 4 year old young dressage horse championship in SA. A Florestan Filly came first in her ACE assessments. They all have an amazing temperament.

Furstenball Colt

Black Colt. Born 3 October 2010.

Bred for the dressage enthusiast or professional

Ampere Colt

Ampere Black Colt. Born 22 October 2010. Bred to be a dressage superstar. Watch My Video Ampere Rousseau Ferro pref ZsuZsa ster pres sport Larivola keur Flemmingh pref Farivola ster pref Tulara Flora Florestan Fidelio Raute Falcon Wildflower Winterkoenig Cultured Pearl

Furst Romancier Colt

Stunning Dressage Colt. Born 10 December 2010. Outstanding type and movement.

Fidertanz Gelding

Fidertanz bay/brown gelding. Born 23 September 2008. This well conformed and freemoving gelding will make a wonderful dressage mount.

Chicos Boy Colt

Chicos Boy Colt. Born 10 October 2009. Excellent type and movement make this colt an exciting prospect for dressage jumping or eventing.

Cassini 11 Colt

Cassini 11 Colt. Brown or Grey? Born 9 November 2010


Born 16 October 2001. Grey 15.2hh. Moondance has a lovely temperament and was ridden by our children as a 3 year old. She has excellent movement and can jump as well. Her foals have sold well.

Colman/Quinar Bay Colt

Born 13 November, 2010.

Bred to jump. He has good movement and type and should be a great jumper.

Tulara La Bushca

Born 19 November 2003. 16.3hh A quiet mare who has exceptional movement. She can also jump.

Tulara Shufretta 1

Born: 24/10/2005
Colour: Chestnut, 15.3 hh
Sex: Filly

Tulara Balouch Filly

Black Filly. Born 31 August 2008. Bred for jumping this is a lovely filly.

Tulara Bambi

Black Filly Born 24 September 2008. A stunning filly with exceptional moment and style.

Coronas Colt

Coronas Colt. Born 9 Novermber 2010

Ab Fab

Born 9 December 1998. 15.3 hh. This mare has movement and jumping ability.

Tulara Don Bushca In foal to Furstenball.

Excellent liver chestnut filly. Excellent movement and an outstanding temperament.

Tulara Chiccata

Bay Filly. Born 30 October 2007. This free moving and well grown filly is bred to jump.

Colman/Cooperit/Contango11 Colt

Colman Colt. Grey. Born 19 December 2011. Long legs and great movement and type will ensure he has a future in showjumping.

Fürst Romancier Colt

Chestnut Colt. Born 18 November 2011. Outstanding type and movement make this colt a wonderful dressage prospect.

Diarado/Quinar Colt

Bay Colt. Born 4 December 2011. Outstanding type and temperament for showjumping.

Stolzenberg/Carbine Colt

Bay Colt. Born 5 November 2011. Wonderful type. Half brother to Tulara Balouch, Champion of Champion at Dressage and Jumping with the Stars, Werribee 2011. Stolzenberg Stakkato Spartan Pia Sancerre Sandro Duchesse Columbine Carbine Carbid Wenzel-Prinzes Heritage Park Contessa Contango II Naida

Stolzenberg/Quinar Colt

Black colt. Born 17 November 2011. Very springy colt. Should jump well. Grandmother is the mother of Tulara Balouch.

Diarado Colt

Bay Diarado Yearling. Born 27 October 2010.

Stallion prospect for Showjumping. Outstanding colt.

Cornet Obolensky Gelding

Grey gelding. Excellent type and movement. Born 16 September 2009. Corango has a great temperament. He was a premium colt and scored a 9 for his canter. He should have a great showjumping future.

Tulara Quinnie

Quinar Filly. Born 25 November 2007. Bay.This well conformed and freemoving filly will make a wonderful jumping horse.


She has a double cross of Contender one of the

Colman Colt

Colman chestnut yearling colt. Born 4 November 2010.

Bred to jump. Athletic and long legged type.

Tulara Cassiko

Brown Filly, born November 29, 2010. Tall filly with enormous jumping potential.

Falcon Wildflower

Born 19 November 1994. Chestnut 16.1hh. Great movement, jumping ability and a quiet nature make her a lovely brood mare.


Born 21 October 1994. Liver Chestnut 16.1hh. She has excellent movment as well as having some excellent jumpers in her genepool.



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