Chico’s Boy

Carpaccio/Silbersee A. N./Cor de la Bryère

The Champion Stallion of the 2002 Holstein licensing proved to be a champion sire right away: He is one of the few sires in breeding today who passes on multi talents which makes him right for just about every pedigree. He consequently passes on his own best traits such as top gaits, rideability and ability to jump.

csm_Chico_s_Boy_Kopf_2011_Web_5262c85ec5 ChicosBoy_Trab_Web
Carpaccio Caretino Caletto II
Isidor H
Bettina II HSP Lantaan
Holde HSP
Eluna H Silbersee A. N. Silver Matal xx
L-Cordula H Cor de la Bryère
Esther H