Cornet Obolensky/Grannus/Ramino

To our ambitious breeders we offer Congress, one of the most promising sons of Cornet Obolensky, whose damline of Rudilore is full of performance potential.

The new dream team is called Congress and Marie Ligges. In her first sporting season as a junior rider, the pair achieved success up to advanced/S* level, and an 8th place at the German Junior Championships in Zeiskam.
Congress was licensed in 2008 in Münster-Handorf. His first time at stud he spent at the NRW public stud in Warendorf. In 2009, he finished his stallion performance test in Warendorf and finished in 4th place in the jumping index. For jumping ability he was given a mark of 9,5. In 2010, he was placed in young horse show jumping competitions.

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