For the Future

For the Pleasure/Nabab de Reve/Cassini II

Undisputed jumping champion stallion of the Westfalen-Körung 2018 in Münster-Handorf, with well-proportioned, correct physique, resulting basic elasticity and downright blessed with regard to his possibilities at the jump. With a phenomenal impression, it releases itself from the ground, height and width of the obstacles do not matter, always equipped with ideal bascule, consistent first-class leg technique and fast reflexes.

for-the-future-2 for-the-future-1
For the Pleasure Furioso II Furioso xx
Dame de Ranville
Gigantin Grannus
Nassinora Nabab de Reve Quidam de Revel
Melodie En Fa
Cassinora Z Cassini II