Tulara Arrezzia

DOB:  28 November, 2015

Born 28th November 2015.

2018 a filly by Zinedream. Retained then sold to Ingrid Miles now with Olivia Hamood.

2019 filly by Jaloubet K. Sold.

2020 colt by Tulara Cascinne. Sold to McCann family.

2021. Not in foal.

2022. Filly by Dia Corrado retained by stud.

2023. Filly by Pegase van’t Ruytershof. Retained by Stud.

2024. Not in foal.


Tulara Arezzia - 1
Arezzo VDL Chin Chin Constant
Larese H
Sarjolijn (Ster) Heartbreaker
Farjolijn (Ster)
Tulara Carpaccia Carpaccio Caretino
Bettina 11
Gaia Genghis Khan
Centaur Consequence