Tulara Bellie

Bellini Royal/Colman Filly. - "Sold at Equitana 2018"
DOB:  14 October, 2016

Born 14/10/16. Filly. Beautiful type, beautiful movement. Bred to jump.

Bellini Royal won the Westphalian licensing in 2013. He received a 10 for his jumping ability in his 30 day test in Handorf. His final score was 9.35 overall. He has been placing recently in S class competition. His father, Balous Bellini has an FN ranking of 151 at the very top end of the rankings. Bellini Royal’s  mother is by Cornet Oblensky with a ranking of 155.

Tulara Codie, by Colman one of holsteins best sires, is a young mare. Her first foal a  filly by For Fashion is 4 this year and hopefully we will see her out soon with Damien Kiss. Her  3 year old colt foal by Stolzenberg is with Jamie Winning and her last colt by Balous Bellini is with Billy Raymont.



Tulara Bellie - 1 Tulara Bellie - 2 Bellie - 1 Tulara Bellie - 1 DSC_5018
Bellini Royal Balous Bellini Balou du Rouet
Corona Cornet Obolensky
St.Pr.St. Perle
Tulara Codie Colman Carthago
Caddie Contango II