Tulara Companion

Companiero/Cornet Obolensky Filly
DOB:  16 November, 2013

Born 17 November 2013.

In 2016 a beautiful foal by Congress sold.

In 2017 a nice colt by Balous Bellini sold.

2018 a magnificent Zinedream Colt. Tulara Ziniero. Used at the Tulara Stud and now with Sophia Landy.

2019 magnificent colt by Checkter. Being used as a sire at Tulara 2021. Used at stud in 2021.

2020 A filly by Dia Corrado. Retained by Stud.

2021 A beautiful filly by For the Future. Retained by Stud.

2022. Colt by Ermitage Kalone.

2023. In foal to Ermitage Kalone.

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