Tulara Compini

Companiero/Cassini II
DOB:  23 October, 2014

Born 24 October 2014.

No foal in 2017.

2018 a beautiful filly by Zinedream. Prize for Senior champion at Australian Showjumping Championships. Amber Fuller.

2019 lost pregnancy.

2020. A super filly Tulara Cascara. Now with Emily Stirling.

2021. Colt foal by Pegase van’t Ruytershof.

2022. Colt by For the Future. Sold to Penny Hoy.

Tulara Compini - 1 Tulara Compini1 - 1 DSC_5828
Companiero Colman Carthago
Milva I SP Barnaul xx
Oregon HSP
Cassedero Cassini II Capitol 1
Moondance Monokol
Wynella Rivoli