Tulara Hickory

Hickstead White/Cornet Obolensky Colt .
DOB:  30 August, 2019

Born 30/8/19. Big Strong colt. Should be a super jumper.

Corinne is the mother of Tulara Compensky and Tulara Cascinne, both super jumpers. Also the mother of Tulara Balco one of our best mares. The grandmother Columbine is the mother of Jumping with the Stars Champion Tulara Balouch. She is also the grandmother of the international star Tulara Colmine.

Hickory - 3 Hickory - 1 Hickory - 2
Hickstead White  Hickstead Hamlet
St. Pr. St. Queentina Coupe de Coeur
St. Pr. St. Quadriga
Tulara Corinne Cornet Obolensky Clinton
Rabanna van Costersveld
Leicester Park Columbine Carbine
Heritage Park Contessa